How To Change An Air Filter

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Whether your air conditioning isn’t keeping your home cool enough or your HVAC feels lackluster in the winter, the culprit may be your air filter. Fortunately, air filters are easy to replace and are also part of Pearce Heating & Air’s routine maintenance calls and checks. If you’ve never changed an AC filter before, here’s how to safely go through the process. Or give us a call! We’ll schedule you for a routine maintenance check and get your air filters, and entire system, cleaned up and in good working order.

How Often Should You Change an Air Filter

Most experts will tell you to replace your air filter every 1 to 3 months. That number can vary depending on how new your HVAC is, how often you use it, and other factors. If you live in an area near a busy road, you may have more dirt and allergens seeping into your house than someone who lives in a quieter area. Newer HVACs can probably go a little longer, but a unit that’s 10 years or older needs frequent air filter changes to keep running efficiently.

Why Do You Need to Change Your AC Filter?

When your air filters get dirty and clogged, they can deplete the efficiency of your heating and cooling. You may notice your rooms aren’t as comfortable as they were a month ago. You may also realize your energy bills are on the rise for no reason. Relying on old, dirty filters can also aggravate allergies and lead to respiratory distress and itchy eyes.

New air filters are an economical way to keep your unit running smoothly and protect your health. It’s not worth saving a few dollars and allowing dirt and allergens to blow out of your filters and into your home.

How Do You Change an AC Filter?

Air filters are relatively easy to change yourself. If you’re not sure how to do it, or just aren’t comfortable, you can always call the team at Pearce Heating & Air. We’ll walk you through it during one of our routine service appointments and get your air feeling fresh again.

1. Turn Off the Circuit Breaker to Your HVAC

Safety first! Before you do anything else, turn off the power to your HVAC from your circuit breaker. The last thing you want is to get a shock when trying to change an air filter. It’s also wise to turn off the power to the unit yourself to avoid a surge of power when you turn everything back on.

2. Locate Your Air Filter

It’s normal to not really know where your air filter is. Look behind your return in the air handler, in your attic, or in your basement. You can also look through your manual or find the information online to identify where the filter is. You’ll also need a screwdriver to access the panel for your filter.

3. Check to See You’re Using the Correct Air Filter

Not all air filters are the same size and using the wrong size could make your problem worse. Look at the size of your old filter to see if the size is printed on the side. You can also ask one of our heating and cooling experts to go through the process and let you know what size it really is. Your hardware store may also have the filters you need.

It will make your life easier to make a note of your filter dimensions in a binder with your important household information and details. In some cases, you may not be able to find an exact match. But you can usually use a thicker filter if the dimensions are about the same. Remember, your overall goal is to keep allergens and dust from pouring into your home.

4. Carefully Install Your Air Filter

Look over your old filter and compare it to your new one. You want to make sure you’re placing it in the right direction. Snap a quick picture with your smartphone so you don’t forget during the process. You can also slide the new one over the old one to make sure it matches up. After you pull out the old one, make sure the new one is securely in place and ready to go.

5. Turn Back on Your Circuit Breaker and Unit

Double check that your air filter is in place, close up the panel, and turn on your circuit breaker and HVAC. You may need to restart your thermostat and wait a few minutes to feel the cold air blasting into your home.

You did it! Changing an air filter is easy, but it doesn’t replace the need for ongoing air conditioning maintenance, repairs, or an AC replacement. If you’re noticing warm air blowing into your home in summer, your energy bills are rising, or you just aren’t comfortable handling your HVAC yourself, give us a call! We’re always here to help with stress-free service.

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